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stamps prices

Here are all the price of postage stamps of Ukraine. Ukrainian stamps are placed in chronological order, ascending catalog numbers. These online prices are denominated in US dollars. But on request can all prices are converted to euros.

Theme: chronology issue stamps, stamps prices

1992 Mi:UA71 Hetman Cossack Warrior - 500th Anniversary of Ukraine Cossacks

1992 Mi:UA72 Folk Clothes - Centenary of Ukrainian Emigration to Canada

1992 Mi:UA73 Persona Art Composer - 150th Birth Anniversary of N.V.Lysenko

1992 Mi:UA74 Persona Science History - 175th Birth Anniversary of M.I.Kostomarov

1992 Mi:UA75 Narbut - First definitive issue 00-50

1992 Mi:UA75-82 Narbut - First definitive issue SERIES

1992 Mi:UA76 Narbut - First definitive issue 00-70

1992 Mi:UA77 Narbut - First definitive issue 01-00

1992 Mi:UA78 Narbut - First definitive issue 02-00

1992 Mi:UA79 Narbut - First definitive issue 05-00

1992 Mi:UA80 Narbut - First definitive issue 10-00

1992 Mi:UA81 Narbut - First definitive issue 20-00

1992 Mi:UA82 Narbut - First definitive issue 50-00

1992 Mi:UA83 Sports Gymnastics - Summer Olimpic Games Barselona 3-00

1992 Mi:UA83-85 Sport - Summer Olimpic Games Barselona SERIES

1992 Mi:UA84 Sports Athletics - Summer Olimpic Games Barselona 4-00

1992 Mi:UA85 Sports Gymnastics - Summer Olimpic Games Barselona 5-00

1992 Mi:UA86 Coat of arms and flag - First Anniversary of Regained Idependence

1992 Mi:UA87 Event - World Congress of Ukrainians

1992 Mi:UA88 (block1) Souvenir sheet Art - 25th Anniversary of Ukraine Philatelic Federation

1992 Mi:UA89 Holiday - Correspondence Week

1992 Mi:UA90 Event - World Congress of Ukrainian Jurists

1992 Mi:UA91 Embroidery - Ukraine Folk Art. Cocks

1992 Mi:UA92 Folk Clothes - Ukrainians in Austria

1992 Mi:UA93 Science University - 360th Anniversary of Kiev-Mogilyansk's Academy

1992 Mi:UA94 (block2) Souvenir sheet Sports Athletics - Ukrainian Medal Winners. Barselona

1993 Mi:UA100 Easter holiday

1993 Mi:UA101 Art Painting - 45th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights

1993 Mi:UA102 Genocide Tragedy - 60th Anniversary starvation on Ukraine

1993 Mi:UA103 75th Anniversary of First Ukrainian Postage Stamp

1993 Mi:UA104 50th Anniversary of Liberation of Kiev from Fascist Invaders

1993 Mi:UA105 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 050

1993 Mi:UA106 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 100

1993 Mi:UA107 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 150

1993 Mi:UA108 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 200

1993 Mi:UA109 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 300

1993 Mi:UA110 Agriculture - Second definitive issue 500

1993 Mi:UA95 Coat of arms of Lviv's region

1993 Mi:UA96 Coat of arms of Kiev's region

1993 Mi:UA97 Persona Religion - Birth Cencenary of Cardinal Josyf Slipyj

1993 Mi:UA98-99 Aircraft Aviation 75th Anniversary of First aviapost Flight SERIES

1994 Mi:UA111 Religion Icon - Ukrainian Health Fund

1994 Mi:UA112 Religion Persona - St.Ahapit Pechorskij

1994 Mi:UA113-114 Flora Flowers - Red Book of Ukraine SERIES

1994 Mi:UA115 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Shepherd. A

1994 Mi:UA116 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Chumaks (salt-traders)

1994 Mi:UA117 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Reapers

1994 Mi:UA118 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Mowers. G

1994 Mi:UA119 (block3) Souvenir sheet Independence Day

1994 Mi:UA120 Science - 160th Anniversary of Kiev University

1994 Mi:UA121 (block4) Souvenir sheet Science - 160th Anniversary of Kiev University

1994 Mi:UA122-124 Zd Coupling 50th Anniversary of Liberation from Fascist Invaders

1994 Mi:UA125 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Plowman. D

1994 Mi:UA126 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Fisherman. J

1994 Mi:UA127 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Bee-keepers. E

1994 Mi:UA128 Agriculture - Third definitive issue. Ancient Ukraine. Potter

1994 Mi:UA129 History Art - Centenary of Excavation of Tripollya

1994 Mi:UA130 History - 500th Anniversary of First Book printed in Ukrainian

1994 Mi:UA131 Bicentenary of Sofiyevka Nature Park, Uman

1994 Mi:UA132 Persona Art Painter - 150th Birth Anniversary of I.J.Repin

1995 Mi:UA133 Castle Fortress - 1100th Anniversary of Uzhhorod

1995 Mi:UA134 Persona Art - Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko

1995 Mi:UA135 Persona Art - Ukrainian writer Lesya Ukrainka

1995 Mi:UA136 Persona - Austrian scientist Ivan Pulyui

1995 Mi:UA137-138 Fauna Birds - Red Book of Ukraine SERIES

1995 Mi:UA139 Persona Art - Birth Centenary of Writer M.T.Rylskyi

1995 Mi:UA140 50th Anniversary of Victory Over Fascism. St. George's Ribbon

1995 Mi:UA141 70th Anniversary of Children's Camp Artek. Crimea

1995 Mi:UA142 Persona Art - Ukrainian writer Ivan Kotlyarevskiy

1995 Mi:UA143 Persona Art - Ukrainian writer Taras Shevchenko

1995 Mi:UA144 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetman Petro Sahaidachnyi

1995 Mi:UA145 Coat of arms of Lugansk

1995 Mi:UA146 National Stamp Exhibition in Lvov

1995 Mi:UA147 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetman Bohdan Khmelnitskyi

1995 Mi:UA148 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetman Ivan Mazepa

1995 Mi:UA149 Fauna Birds - European Nature Conservation Year

1995 Mi:UA150 International Children's day

1995 Mi:UA151 Coat of arms of Chernigov

1995 Mi:UA152 50th Anniversary of United Nations Organization

1995 Mi:UA153 Persona Politician - First president of Ukraine Hrushevskyi

1995 Mi:UA154 Persona Art - 150th Birth Anniversary of Writer I.Karpenko-Karyi

1995 Mi:UA155 Persona Science - Birth Bicentenary of Historian Pavel Shafarik

1995 Mi:UA156 Transport - Fourth definitive issue I. Trolleybus

1995 Mi:UA157 Transport - Fourth definitive issue K. Tram

1995 Mi:UA158 Transport - Fourth definitive issue 3. Bus

1996 Mi:UA159-160 (block5) Souvenir sheet Lillehammer. Sport Ukrainian Medal Winners. Skis and skate

1996 Mi:UA161-163 Zd Coupling Space - 150th Anniversary of Observatory. Astronomy

1996 Mi:UA164 Persona - 125th Birth Anniversary of writer A.Krymskyi

1996 Mi:UA165 Zf Persona Art - Birth Centenary of screenwriter A.P.Dovzhenko with coupon

1996 Mi:UA166 Persona Art - Third Death Anniversary of singer I.Kozlovskyi

1996 Mi:UA167 Centenary of Kharkov Zoo. Fauna

1996 Mi:UA168 Tenth Anniversary of Chernobyl tragedy

1996 Mi:UA169 Persona - Maecenas Simerenko Family

1996 Mi:UA170 Persona Art - 125th Birth Anniversary of writer V.Stefanik

1996 Mi:UA171 Persona - 125th Birth Anniversary of voyager Miklukho-Maklai

1996 Mi:UA172 Sports Athletics - Centenary of Modern Olimpic Games

1996 Mi:UA173 Wrestling. Summer Olympic Games. Atlanta. Sport

1996 Mi:UA173-174 Summer Olympic Games. Atlanta. Sport. SERIES

1996 Mi:UA174 Handball. Summer Olympic Games. Atlanta. Sport

1996 Mi:UA175 (block6) Souvenir sheet Summer Olympic Games. Atlanta. Sport Gymnastics

1996 Mi:UA176 Fifth Anniversary of Independence

1996 Mi:UA177 First Ukrainian Satellite. Space

1996 Mi:UA178-179 Zd Coupling Railway Trains Locomotives

1996 Mi:UA180-183 Zd Coupling Aircraft Aviation - 90th Birth Anniversary of Antonov

1996 Mi:UA184 Persona Sport - 125th Birth Anniversary of wrestler Ivan Poddubnyi

1996 Mi:UA185 First Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition

1996 Mi:UA186-187 Zd Coupling Red Book. Flowers

1996 Mi:UA188 50th Anniversary of UNESCO

1996 Mi:UA189 Birth Centenary of composer V.S.Kosenko

1996 Mi:UA190-193 Zd Coupling Churches. Postage stamp block. Religion

1996 Mi:UA190-193 Zf Churches with coupons Religion SERIES

1996 Mi:UA194 400th Birth Anniversary of metropolitan P.S.Mogila. Religion

1996 Mi:UA195 50th Anniversary of UNICEF

1997 Mi:UA196-197 Zd Coupling Protected Animals. Fauna

1997 Mi:UA198-200 Churches Religion SERIES

1997 Mi:UA201-202 (block7) Souvenir sheet Europe.Tales and Legends. Europe CEPT

1997 Mi:UA203 Fourth National Stamp Exhibition.Cherkasy

1997 Mi:UA204 Birth Centenary of Yury Kondratyuk. Space

1997 Mi:UA205 First Anniversary of Constitution of Ukraine

1997 Mi:UA206 Midsummer Festival of Ivana Kupala

1997 Mi:UA207 Famous Women. Olga

1997 Mi:UA208 Famous Women. Roxolana

1997 Mi:UA209 Centenary of First Ukrainian Emigration to Argentina

1997 Mi:UA210-214 Zd Coupling Orders and Medals of Ukraine

1997 Mi:UA215-216 (block8) Souvenir sheet Orders and Medals of Ukraine

1997 Mi:UA217 Hetmans of Ukraine. Baida

1997 Mi:UA217-218 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetmans SERIES

1997 Mi:UA218 Hetmans of Ukraine. Orlik

1997 Mi:UA219 125th Birth Anniversary of singer S.Krushelnitskaya

1997 Mi:UA220-221 Aircraft AN. SERIES

1997 Mi:UA222-223 Ships. SERIES

1997 Mi:UA224 Zf Ukraine-USA Space Flight with coupons

1997 Mi:UA225 Christmas Holiday

1997 Mi:UA226-229 Folk Art. SERIES

1997 Mi:UA230-233 Klb Full Sheet Folk Art

1997 Mi:UA234 125th Birth Anniversary of painter V.G.Krichevskyi

1997 Mi:UA235 275th Birth Anniversary of philosopher G.S.Skovoroda

1997 Mi:UA236 Regional Arms Transcarpathia

1997 Mi:UA237-242 (block9) Souvenir sheet Wildlife of Ukraine. Fauna

1998 Mi:UA243 Birth Centenary of poet V.Sosyura

1998 Mi:UA244-245 Winter Olimpic Games. Nagano. Sport SERIES

1998 Mi:UA246 2500th Anniversary of Belgorod-Dnestrovskyi

1998 Mi:UA247 Zf National Stamp Exhibition Ukrfilexp-98 with coupons

1998 Mi:UA248-253 Souvenir sheet Ukrainian coins

1998 Mi:UA254 National Festivals. Europe CEPT

1998 Mi:UA255-256 (block10) Souvenir sheet Centenary of National Park Askaniya-Nova

1998 Mi:UA257-259 Zd Coupling Paintings. Lvov Art Gallery

1998 Mi:UA260 (block11) Souvenir sheet Paintings. Lvov Art Gallery

1998 Mi:UA261 (block12) Souvenir sheet Centenary of Kiev Technical University

1998 Mi:UA262 Zf Askold and Dir - First Rulers of Kiev with coupons

1998 Mi:UA263-268 (block13) Souvenir sheet 350th Anniversary of Start of Campaign for Independence

1998 Mi:UA269 1100th Anniversary of the Town of Galich

1998 Mi:UA270 Famous Women. Anna Yaroslavna

1998 Mi:UA271 225th Birth Anniversary of seafarer Yu.F.Lisyanskyi

1998 Mi:UA272 Birth Centenary of actress Natalia Uzhvii

1998 Mi:UA273-277 Zd Coupling Centenary of Kiev Technical Uneversity

1998 Mi:UA278 Millenary of Book Production in Ukraine

1998 Mi:UA279 World Post Day

1998 Mi:UA280-281 Cathedrals Religion SERIES

1998 Mi:UA282A-285A Coupling The Red-breasted Goose. Fauna

1998 Mi:UA282C-285C Klb Full Sheet The Red-breasted Goose. Fauna (2 postage stamp block)

1998 Mi:UA286 Aircraft AN-140

1998 Mi:UA286-287 Aircraft AN SERIES

1998 Mi:UA287 Aircraft AN-70

1998 Mi:UA288 Person Cossack Warrior - Hetman Petr Doroshenko

1998 Mi:UA289 135th Birth Anniversary of writer B.D.Grincheko

1998 Mi:UA290 Christmas Holiday

1998 Mi:UA291 50th Anniversary of Ukrainians in Australia

1998 Mi:UA292 Illinetsk Meteorite Impact Site. Space

1998 Mi:UA293-294 Zf Coupling 50th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights with coupons

1999 Mi:UA295 Zf 75th Birth Anniversary of filmmaker S.Paradzhanov with coupons

1999 Mi:UA296 50th Birth Anniversary of poet Vladimir Ivasyuk

1999 Mi:UA297-300 Zd Coupling block Scythian Gold

1999 Mi:UA301 Festival of coming of spring

1999 Mi:UA302-303 Zd Coupling National Park Sinevir. Fauna. Europe CEPT

1999 Mi:UA304 150th Birth Anniversary of writer Panas Mirnyi

1999 Mi:UA305 Birth Bicentenary of writer Onore de Balzak

1999 Mi:UA306 50th Anniversary of Council of Europe

1999 Mi:UA307 Zf Birth Bicentenary of poet A.S.Pushkin with coupons

1999 Mi:UA308-309 Zd Ancient ships on river Dnepr

1999 Mi:UA310 (block13) Souvenir sheet Kiev - city of Yaroslav

1999 Mi:UA311 800th Anniversary of Galitsko-Volynskoe State

1999 Mi:UA312-313 Zf Coupling Centenary of National Art Museum with coupons

1999 Mi:UA314 Insects - Beekeeping in Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA315 125th Anniversary of UPU

1999 Mi:UA316 1100th Anniversary of Poltava

1999 Mi:UA317 State rewards of Ukraine princess Olga

1999 Mi:UA318-319 (block14) Souvenir sheet State rewards of Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA320 (block15) Souvenir sheet Svyatogorskaya Zimnenskaya Icon of Our Lady

1999 Mi:UA321-322 Zd Coupling Regional landscape park Stuzhitsa. Fauna

1999 Mi:UA323 National Bank of Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA324 (block16) Souvenir sheet National Bank of Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA325 Hetman Ivan Vygovskyi

1999 Mi:UA326 Christmas Holiday 0-30

1999 Mi:UA327 Christmas Holiday 0-60

1999 Mi:UA328-330 (block17) Full Sheet Children's pictures Space

1999 Mi:UA328-330 Zd Coupling Children's pictures Space

1999 Mi:UA331-333 Coupling Fauna of Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA334 Zf Church of Saint Andrei Pervozvannyi with coupons

1999 Mi:UA335-339 (block18) Souvenir sheet Mushrooms. Flora

1999 Mi:UA340-341 Zd Coupling Cars of Ukraine

1999 Mi:UA342 Zf Happy New Year with coupons

1999 Mi:UA343 Hetman Pavel Polubotok

1999 Mi:UA344-345 Zf Coupling Folk Art Primachenko with coupons

1999 Mi:UA346 Famous Women. Galishka Gulevichevna

1999 Mi:UA347-352 (block19) Souvenir sheet Nature Reserves of Ukraine. Fauna

2000 Mi:UA353-355 (block20) Souvenir sheet 2000th Anniversary of Christianity. Religion

2000 Mi:UA356-359 Zd Coupling Kiev's Bridges

2000 Mi:UA360-363 (block21) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Opera-houses. Art

2000 Mi:UA364 (block22) Souvenir sheet Gospel, middle of the XVI age. Religion

2000 Mi:UA365 Singer Oksana Petrusenko

2000 Mi:UA366 Famous Women. Marusia Churai

2000 Mi:UA367 Hetman Danilo Apostol

2000 Mi:UA367-368 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetmans SERIES

2000 Mi:UA368 Hetman Ivan Samoylovic

2000 Mi:UA369 50th Anniversary of the WMO. Meteorology

2000 Mi:UA370 Tower of Stars. Europe CEPT

2000 Mi:UA371-376 (block23) Souvenir sheet Easter's Eggs. Holiday. Religion

2000 Mi:UA377-378 (block24) Souvenir sheet World Stamp Exhibitions

2000 Mi:UA379 Donetsk Region

2000 Mi:UA380 Exhibition UKRFILEXP Donbass

2000 Mi:UA381 city Kiev

2000 Mi:UA382 900th Anniversary of Ostrog

2000 Mi:UA383-386 Summer Olympic Games Sydney Sport SERIES

2000 Mi:UA387 Insects - Scientist-beemaster P.Prokopovich

2000 Mi:UA388-389 Zd Coupling Shipbuilding in Ukraine

2000 Mi:UA390-391 Zf Coupling Art. Creations of T.Pata with coupons

2000 Mi:UA392 900th Anniversary of Dubno

2000 Mi:UA393 Obzhynki - Holiday of Crop

2000 Mi:UA394-397 (block25) Souvenir sheet Official Symbols of Head of State

2000 Mi:UA398 Volynsk Region

2000 Mi:UA399 225th Anniversary of Kiev General Post Office

2000 Mi:UA400-401 Zd Coupling Red Book Lizards. Fauna

2000 Mi:UA402 550th Birth Anniversary of Yuriy Drogobych

2000 Mi:UA403-404 (block26) Souvenir sheet National Nature Park Karpaty. Flora

2000 Mi:UA405-414 Souvenir sheet Flowers. Flora

2000 Mi:UA415 Autonomous Republic of Crimea

2000 Mi:UA416-418 Zd Coupling Ukrainian Animated Cartoons

2000 Mi:UA419 New Year Holiday

2000 Mi:UA420-422 Churches Religion SERIES

2000 Mi:UA423 (b27) Souvenir sheet Prince Vladimir Great

2001 Mi:UA424 Saint Dimitry Rostovsky. Religion

2001 Mi:UA425 Valentine's Day

2001 Mi:UA426 (block28) Souvenir sheet Prince Danilo Romanovich Galitskyi

2001 Mi:UA427 Hetman Yu.Khmelnitsky

2001 Mi:UA427-428 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetmans SERIES

2001 Mi:UA428 Hetman M.Khanenko

2001 Mi:UA429 125th Anniversary of Creation of Telephone

2001 Mi:UA430 Children's Paintings GREEN

2001 Mi:UA430-432 Children's Paintings SERIES

2001 Mi:UA430-432 Part of the Sheets Children's Paintings SERIES UP

2001 Mi:UA431 Children's Paintings BLUE

2001 Mi:UA432 Children's Paintings RED

2001 Mi:UA433 Fifth definitive issue Flowers B

2001 Mi:UA434 Fifth definitive issue Flowers D

2001 Mi:UA435 Fifth definitive issue Flowers E

2001 Mi:UA436 Fifth definitive issue Flowers G

2001 Mi:UA437 Fifth definitive issue Flowers 3

2001 Mi:UA438 Fifth definitive issue P (coat of arms unframed)

2001 Mi:UA439-441 Zd Coupling Ukrainian Folk Tales

2001 Mi:UA442-443 Zd Coupling Shipbuilding in Ukraine

2001 Mi:UA444-445 Zd Coupling Water - Natural Treasure Europe CEPT

2001 Mi:UA446 Holy Trinity

2001 Mi:UA447-452 (block29) Souvenir sheet Insects - Beekeeping

2001 Mi:UA453 (block30) Souvenir sheet 950th Anniversary of Kiev Pechersk Lavra

2001 Mi:UA454 Visit of Pope John Paul II to Ukraine. Religion

2001 Mi:UA455 Zakarpatska Region

2001 Mi:UA456-458 (block31) Souvenir sheet Khanenko Museum of Arts

2001 Mi:UA459-460 Zd Coupling Red Book Fauna

2001 Mi:UA461 250th Birth Anniversary of D.Bortnjansky

2001 Mi:UA462 Ukrainian Football

2001 Mi:UA463 (block32) Souvenir sheet Tenth Anniversary of Indepence of Ukraine

2001 Mi:UA464 Kharkov Region

2001 Mi:UA465 Chernigov Region

2001 Mi:UA466 Kirovograd Region

2001 Mi:UA467 VIIth National Philatelic Exhibition

2001 Mi:UA468 Year of Dialogue of Civilization

2001 Mi:UA469-470 (block33) Souvenir sheet Fauna of Black Sea

2001 Mi:UA471 Christmas Holiday

2001 Mi:UA472 Saint Nikolas Day. Holiday

2001 Mi:UA473 New Year Holiday

2001 Mi:UA474-475 Coupling Ukraine & Georgia Joint Issue Poets

2001 Mi:UA476A-481A Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2001 Mi:UA476C-481C (block34) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2002 Mi:UA482-484 Person Cossack Warrior - Ukrainian hetmans SERIES

2002 Mi:UA485-488 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2002 Mi:UA489 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-05

2002 Mi:UA490 Sport Running

2002 Mi:UA491 Sport Swimming

2002 Mi:UA492 Kiev region

2002 Mi:UA493-494 Zd Coupling Ships (Shipbuilding in Ukraine)

2002 Mi:UA495 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-10

2002 Mi:UA496 10th Anniversary of Modern Ukrainian Stamps

2002 Mi:UA497 175th Birth Anniversary of Leonid Hlebov

2002 Mi:UA498 16th World Chess Championship. Sport

2002 Mi:UA499-500 (block35) Souvenir sheet Circus Europa CEPT

2002 Mi:UA501 Religious Festivity Palm Sunday. Holiday

2002 Mi:UA502A-505A Zd Coupling Snakes Reptiles WWF. Fauna

2002 Mi:UA502C-505C Coupling Snakes Reptiles WWF. Fauna with coupons

2002 Mi:UA506-507 (block36) Souvenir sheet Art. Ukrainian Opera-houses

2002 Mi:UA508 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-30

2002 Mi:UA509 Lugansk Region

2002 Mi:UA510-511 Zd Coupling Red Book Fauna

2002 Mi:UA512 Composer Mikola Leontovich

2002 Mi:UA513 Chernovtsy Region

2002 Mi:UA514 6th definitive issue Flowers C

2002 Mi:UA515-519 (block37) Souvenir sheet Black Sea's Nature Reserve. Fauna

2002 Mi:UA520-522 Zd Coupling Ukrainian Folk Tales

2002 Mi:UA523-525 Zd Coupling Art. Creations of Ghanna Sobachko-Shostak

2002 Mi:UA526 Founders of Cosmonautics Kondratuk Space

2002 Mi:UA527 Founders of Cosmonautics Yangel Space

2002 Mi:UA528 Founders of Cosmonautics Kibalchich Space

2002 Mi:UA529 Founders of Cosmonautics Korolev Space

2002 Mi:UA530-531 Zd Coupling Fauna of Sea - Ukraine & Kazakhstan Joint Issue

2002 Mi:UA532 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-45

2002 Mi:UA533 Odessa Region

2002 Mi:UA534 Thousandth Anniversary of Khotin

2002 Mi:UA535 VIIIth Ukrainian Philatelic Exhibition Odesafil

2002 Mi:UA536 Cherkassy Region

2002 Mi:UA537 Summy Region

2002 Mi:UA538-540 Painting Shevchenko SERIES

2002 Mi:UA541 Happy New Year Holiday

2002 Mi:UA542C-547C (block38) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2003 Mi:UA548-550 Zd Coupling Ukrainian Folk Tales

2003 Mi:UA551 Skating Sport

2003 Mi:UA552-555 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2003 Mi:UA556-557 Zd Coupling Ships (Shipbuilding in Ukraine)

2003 Mi:UA558 150th Birth Anniversary of Mikola Arkas. Composer

2003 Mi:UA559-561 (block39) Souvenir sheet Javorivsky National Natural Park. Fauna

2003 Mi:UA562-563 Zd Coupling Poster Art Religion Europa CEPT

2003 Mi:UA564 Designer of Rockets Zasyadko Space

2003 Mi:UA565 Designer of Rockets Konstantinov Space

2003 Mi:UA566 Designer of Rockets Glushko Space

2003 Mi:UA567 Designer of Rockets Chelomei Space

2003 Mi:UA568 Society of the Red Cross of Ukraine

2003 Mi:UA569 Dnepropetrovsk Region

2003 Mi:UA570 Lvov Region

2003 Mi:UA573 (block40) Souvenir sheet 950th Birth Anniversary of Vladimir Monomah

2003 Mi:UA574-585 Souvenir sheet Red Book of Ukraine - Owls. Fauna

2003 Mi:UA586 150th Birth Anniversary of Aleksandr Mishuga. Opera singer

2003 Mi:UA587 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-65

2003 Mi:UA588-591 Kiev in Pictures of Painters. Churches. SERIES

2003 Mi:UA592-593 Zd Coupling Holidays Spas and Makovey. Church

2003 Mi:UA594 Birth Centenary of Boris Gmirya. Composer

2003 Mi:UA595-596 (block41) Souvenir sheet Monasteries - Manyava Skete. Religion

2003 Mi:UA597 2500th Anniversary of Evpatorija. Crimea

2003 Mi:UA598-599 Zf Coupling Ancient Trade Route along the Gulf of Finland and the Dnieper

2003 Mi:UA600 Khmelnitsky Region

2003 Mi:UA601 Nikolaev Region

2003 Mi:UA602 Zaporozhye Region

2003 Mi:UA603 225th Birth Anniversary of Grigory Kvitka-Osnovjanenko. Writer

2003 Mi:UA604 Famine 1932-1933

2003 Mi:UA605 Christmas Holiday

2003 Mi:UA606 Happy New Year Holiday

2003 Mi:UA607A-612A Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2003 Mi:UA607C-612C (block42) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2004 Mi:UA613 85th Anniversary of Association of Ukraine

2004 Mi:UA614 125th Birth Anniversary of Stanislav Ljudkevich. Composer

2004 Mi:UA615-620 (block43) Souvenir sheet Official Symbols and Personal Things of Bogdan Khmelnitsk

2004 Mi:UA621-623 (block44) Souvenir sheet Warship Aircraft Helicopter - Shipbuilding in Ukraine

2004 Mi:UA624 Ternopol Region

2004 Mi:UA625 50th Anniversary of Membership of Ukraine in UNESCO

2004 Mi:UA626-630 (block45) Souvenir sheet Butterflies Insects

2004 Mi:UA631 Birth Centenary of Sergey Lifar. Choreographer

2004 Mi:UA632 State Design Office Pivdenne - Space

2004 Mi:UA633 European Weight Lifting Championship. Sport

2004 Mi:UA634-637 (block46) Souvenir sheet Vacation Europe CEPT

2004 Mi:UA638-641 Booklet Vacation Europe CEPT

2004 Mi:UA642-645 Zd Centenary of FIFA Sport

2004 Mi:UA646 50th Anniversary of UEFA Sport

2004 Mi:UA647 125th Birth Anniversary of Simon Petljura. Political

2004 Mi:UA652-654 Zd Coupling Ukrainian Tales

2004 Mi:UA655 Summer Olympic Games - Athens. Sport

2004 Mi:UA656 Rovno Region

2004 Mi:UA657 150th Birth Anniversary of Marija Zenkovetskaja

2004 Mi:UA658 Birth Bicentenary of Mihaillo Maksimovich

2004 Mi:UA659 2500th Anniversary of Balaklava. Crimea

2004 Mi:UA660 Kherson Region

2004 Mi:UA661 350th Anniversary of Kharkov

2004 Mi:UA662-665 Zd Coupling Bridges of Ukraine

2004 Mi:UA666 (bloc47) Souvenir sheet 170th Anniversary of Kiev University with overprint

2004 Mi:UA667 250th Anniversary of Kirovograd

2004 Mi:UA668 Poltava Region

2004 Mi:UA669-672 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2004 Mi:UA673-677 (block48) Souvenir sheet Danube's Reserve

2004 Mi:UA678 Space State - Hartron

2004 Mi:UA679 Space State - Rockets

2004 Mi:UA680-682 Zd Coupling Merry Christmas Holiday

2004 Mi:UA683-685 Zd Coupling Happy New Year Holiday

2004 Mi:UA686-687 Zf Coupling Airplanes. Ukraine & Iran Joint Issue with coupons

2004 Mi:UA688A-693A Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2004 Mi:UA688C-693C (block49) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2005 Mi:UA694 6th definitive issue Flowers 1-00

2005 Mi:UA695 Independence Square

2005 Mi:UA696 Birth Centenary of Pavlo Virsky

2005 Mi:UA697-701 (block50) Souvenir sheet Insects Butterflies

2005 Mi:UA702 Vinnitsa Region

2005 Mi:UA703-704 Zf Coupling National Picture Gallery of I.Ajvazovsky with coupons

2005 Mi:UA705 George Jakutovich

2005 Mi:UA706-709 Ukraine - Cosmic State. Space SERIES

2005 Mi:UA710 60th Anniversary of Victory in WWII

2005 Mi:UA711 (block51) Souvenir sheet 60th Anniversary of Victory in WWII

2005 Mi:UA712 IXth National Stamp Exhibition

2005 Mi:UA717 Eurovision winner - singer Ruslana

2005 Mi:UA718 Song Contest Eurovision

2005 Mi:UA719-720 Zd Coupling Gastronomy Europa CEPT

2005 Mi:UA721-722 Booklet Gastronomy Europa CEPT

2005 Mi:UA723 Slavic Writing and Culture

2005 Mi:UA724 City of Sevastopol. Crimea

2005 Mi:UA725 Vladimir Vinnichenko

2005 Mi:UA726 Ivano-Frankovsk Region

2005 Mi:UA727-730 (block52) Souvenir sheet Karadag Nature Reserve Fauna

2005 Mi:UA731 World Summit Tunis

2005 Mi:UA732-735 Steam Locomotives SERIES

2005 Mi:UA736 350th Anniversary of Sumy

2005 Mi:UA737 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-25

2005 Mi:UA738 6th definitive issue Flowers 0-70

2005 Mi:UA739 Zhitomir Region

2005 Mi:UA740-743 Zd Coupling Horses of Ukraine

2005 Mi:UA744-746 Zd Coupling Children Our Future

2005 Mi:UA747-750 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2005 Mi:UA751 6th definitive issue Flowers P in frame

2005 Mi:UA752 Dmitry Yavornytsky

2005 Mi:UA753 Merry Christmas Holiday

2005 Mi:UA754 Happy New Year Holiday

2005 Mi:UA755 6th definitive issue Flowers L

2005 Mi:UA756 Zf Church of St. Barbarian with coupons

2005 Mi:UA757-758 Zf Coupling The Lvov National Museum with coupons

2005 Mi:UA759 6th definitive issue Flowers N

2005 Mi:UA760C-765C (block53) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2006 Mi:UA766A-767A Zd Coupling 50th Anniversary of the First Europa Stamps

2006 Mi:UA766C-767C (block54) Souvenir sheet 50th Anniversary of the First Europa Stamps

2006 Mi:UA768 Birth Centenary of Oleg Antonov. Aviation

2006 Mi:UA769 120th Birth Anniversary of George Narbut

2006 Mi:UA770-781 Souvenir sheet Headdress of Ukrainian Women

2006 Mi:UA782-784 Ukraine - Cosmic State. Space SERIES

2006 Mi:UA785-786 Zd Coupling Integration Europa CEPT

2006 Mi:UA787-788 Booklet Integration Europa CEPT

2006 Mi:UA789 Football World Cup - Sport Shevchenko

2006 Mi:UA790 Football World Cup - Sport Ball

2006 Mi:UA791 Organization GUAM

2006 Mi:UA792-795 Kiev in Pictures of Painters SERIES

2006 Mi:UA796-797 (block55) Souvenir sheet 750th Anniversary of Lvov

2006 Mi:UA798-802 (block56) Souvenir sheet Shatsk Nature Reserve

2006 Mi:UA803-806 (block57) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Cossacks

2006 Mi:UA807 150th Birth Anniversary of Ivan Franko

2006 Mi:UA808-811 Steam Locomotives SERIES

2006 Mi:UA812 Tenth National Philatelic Exhibition in Lvov

2006 Mi:UA813-816 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2006 Mi:UA817-820 Zd Coupling Horses in Sports

2006 Mi:UA821-822 Zd Coupling St.Nicolai's Day Holiday

2006 Mi:UA823 Merry Christmas Holiday

2006 Mi:UA824 Ferdinand's Place in Lvov

2006 Mi:UA825A-830A Zd Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2006 Mi:UA825C-830C (block58) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2007 Mi:UA831 125th Birth Anniversary of Ivan Ogienko

2007 Mi:UA832 7th definitive issue 0-05

2007 Mi:UA833 7th definitive issue 0-50

2007 Mi:UA834 7th definitive issue 0-60

2007 Mi:UA835 7th definitive issue 0-70

2007 Mi:UA836 7th definitive issue 0-85

2007 Mi:UA837 7th definitive issue 2-00

2007 Mi:UA838 7th definitive issue R

2007 Mi:UA839 7th definitive issue P

2007 Mi:UA840 Zf Saint Michael's Cathedral

2007 Mi:UA841-842 (block59) Souvenir sheet Birth Bicentenary of Taras Shevchenko

2007 Mi:UA843 Zf My Stamp. With Day of Wedding with coupons

2007 Mi:UA844 My Stamp. Ukrainian warship Hetman Sahaidachnii with coupons

2007 Mi:UA844 Zf My Stamp. Flowers with coupons

2007 Mi:UA845 Zf My Stamp. Kievo-Pecherskaja Lavra with coupons

2007 Mi:UA846 Zf My Stamp. Oranta-Winner with coupons

2007 Mi:UA846 Zf My Stamp. Oranta-Winner with coupons

2007 Mi:UA847 7th definitive issue 0-01

2007 Mi:UA848 7th definitive issue 0-03

2007 Mi:UA849 7th definitive issue 0-10

2007 Mi:UA850 7th definitive issue 1-00

2007 Mi:UA851 7th definitive issue N

2007 Mi:UA852 7th definitive issue G

2007 Mi:UA853 7th definitive issue E

2007 Mi:UA854 Cosmonautic Day. Sea Launch

2007 Mi:UA855 Cosmonautic Day. Astronaut Kadeniuk

2007 Mi:UA856-857 Zd Coupling Centenary of the Scout Movement Europa CEPT

2007 Mi:UA858-859 Booklet Centenary of the Scout Movement Europa CEPT

2007 Mi:UA860-863 Kiev in Pictures of Painters SERIES

2007 Mi:UA864 125th Birth Anniversary of Igor Stravinsky

2007 Mi:UA865-870 (block60) Souvenir sheet Dogs

2007 Mi:UA871-876 (block61) Souvenir sheet Cats

2007 Mi:UA877 Birth Centenary of Roman Shukhevich

2007 Mi:UA878-881 Steam Locomotives SERIES

2007 Mi:UA882-893 Souvenir sheet Traditional Headdresses of the Ukraine

2007 Mi:UA894-895 Zf Coupling Preservation of Dniestr Fauna

2007 Mi:UA896 1100th Anniversary of Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky

2007 Mi:UA897A-900A Coupling WWF. Pelicans

2007 Mi:UA897C-900C Full Sheet WWF. Pelicans with coupons

2007 Mi:UA901 (block62) Souvenir sheet 50th Anniversary of First Artificial Satellite

2007 Mi:UA902-907 (block63) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Peasant House 01-10-2007

2007 Mi:UA908-913 (block64) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Peasant House 02-10-2007

2007 Mi:UA914-915 Zd Coupling Merry Christmas Holiday

2007 Mi:UA916 Zf My Stamp. Happy New Year Holiday with coupons

2007 Mi:UA917 Championship of the Europe Euro-2012

2007 Mi:UA918A-923A Zd Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2007 Mi:UA918C-923C (block65) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2008 Mi:UA1000 Marko Vovchok

2008 Mi:UA1001-1012 Souvenir sheet Traditional Headdresses of the Ukraine

2008 Mi:UA1013 Vjacheslav Chernovil

2008 Mi:UA1014A-1019A Couplings Traditional Costumes SERIES

2008 Mi:UA1014C-1019C (block72) Souvenir sheet Traditional Costumes

2008 Mi:UA924-935 Signs of the Zodiac SERIES

2008 Mi:UA936-939 Zd Coupling Olympic Games. Beijing

2008 Mi:UA940 Zf My Stamp. Valentine Day with coupons

2008 Mi:UA941 7th definitive issue 0-30

2008 Mi:UA942-944 Painting of Taras Shevchenko SERIES

2008 Mi:UA945-946 Zd Coupling The Letter Europa CEPT

2008 Mi:UA947-948 Booklet The Letter Europa CEPT

2008 Mi:UA949-950 Zd Coupling Birth Bicentenary of Nikolai Gogol

2008 Mi:UA951 Easter

2008 Mi:UA952-960 Souvenir sheet Museum Collection Clocks

2008 Mi:UA961-966 (block66) Souvenir sheet Dogs

2008 Mi:UA967-972 (block67) Souvenir sheet Cats

2008 Mi:UA973-976 (block68) Souvenir sheet The Crimean Natural Game Reserve

2008 Mi:UA977-978 (block69) Souvenir sheet 90th Anniversary of First Ukrainian Stamps - Sereda

2008 Mi:UA979-981 (block70) Souvenir sheet 90th Anniversary of First Ukrainian Stamps - Narbut

2008 Mi:UA982 (block71) Souvenir sheet 900th Annversary of Mikhailovsky Monastery

2008 Mi:UA983-986 Locomotives SERIES

2008 Mi:UA987-990 Ukrainian Songs SERIES

2008 Mi:UA991-992 Zf Coupling Azerbaijan-Ukrainian Joint Issue. Jewels

2008 Mi:UA993 Swedish-Ukrainian War and Political Unions of XVII-XVIIIc

2008 Mi:UA994 Ukrainian Philatelic Exhibition in Chernovtsi

2008 Mi:UA995 Zf My Stamp. Ukrainian Philatelic Exhibition in Chernovtsi with coupons

2008 Mi:UA996 600th Anniversary of Chernovtsi

2008 Mi:UA997 300th Anniversary of Baturin Tragedy

2008 Mi:UA998 Merry Christmass Holiday

2008 Mi:UA999 Happy New Year Holiday

2009 Mi:UA1020 Birth Centenary of Stephan Bandera

2009 Mi:UA1021 175th Birth Anniversary of Stepan Rudyansky

2009 Mi:UA1022 150th Birth Anniversary of Sholom-Aleihem

2009 Mi:UA1023 (block73) Souvenir sheet Centenary of Kiev Zoo

2009 Mi:UA1024-1026 Painting of Taras Shevchenko SERIES

2009 Mi:UA1027-1028 Zd Coupling Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers

2009 Mi:UA1029 7th definitive issue 1-50

2009 Mi:UA1030-1031 (block74) Souvenir sheet Birth Bicentenary of N.V. Gogol

2009 Mi:UA1032-1033 Zd Coupling Astronomy Europa CEPT

2009 Mi:UA1034-1035 Booklet Astronomy Europa CEPT

2009 Mi:UA1036-1037 Zd Coupling Architecture. The Joint issue Ukraine-China

2009 Mi:UA1038-1041 (block75) Souvenir sheet Natural Game Reserve Gorgany

2009 Mi:UA1042-1045 Locomotives SERIES

2009 Mi:UA1046-1051 (block76) Souvenir sheet Lighthouses of Ukraine

2009 Mi:UA1052-1055 Ukrainian Song SERIES

2009 Mi:UA1056 65th Anniversary of Vyzvolna Rada

2009 Mi:UA1057 Merry Christmas Holiday

2009 Mi:UA1058 Happy New Year Holiday

2009 Mi:UA1059-1060 Wine-making in Ukrain

2009 Mi:UA1061 20th Anniversary of Narodny Rukh za Perebudovu

2009 Mi:UA1062-1067 (block77) Souvenir sheet Minerals of Ukraine

2010 Mi:UA1068-1071 Zd Coupling XXI Olympic Winter Games. Vancouver

2010 Mi:UA1072-1073 (block78) Souvenir sheet Birth Bicentenary of Taras Shevchenko

2010 Mi:UA1074 (block79) Souvenir sheet 300th Anniversary of Constitution of Philipp Orlik

2010 Mi:UA1075 65th Anniversary of Victory in WWII

2010 Mi:UA1076-1079 (block80) Souvenir sheet 90th Anniversary of Ukrainian Stamps. Trident

2010 Mi:UA1080-1083 (block81) Souvenir sheet 90th Anniversary of Ukrainian Stamps. Kazak Mamai

2010 Mi:UA1084-1085 Zd Coupling Childrens Books Europa CEPT

2010 Mi:UA1086-1087 Booklet Childrens Books Europa CEPT

2010 Mi:UA1088 Birth Bicentenary of Nikolai Pirogov surgeon

2010 Mi:UA1089 Brothers Klichko

2010 Mi:UA1090 Zf My Stamp. Flowers. Petrikovsky Rospis with coupons

2010 Mi:UA1091-1094 Locomotives SERIES

2010 Mi:UA1095-1096 Zd Coupling Ioan Georg Pinzel Angel and God's Mother

2010 Mi:UA1097 Aleksandr Potebnya linguist

2010 Mi:UA1098-1108 (block82) Souvenir sheet 125th Anniversary of Kharkov Technical University

2010 Mi:UA1109 7th definitive issue 2-00 with overprint. Surcharge

2010 Mi:UA1110 7th definitive issue 1-50 with overprint. Surcharge

2010 Mi:UA1111-1116 (block83) Souvenir sheet Lighthouses of Ukraine

2010 Mi:UA1117-1118 Zf Coupling The Leaders of Cossack Revolts with coupons

2010 Mi:UA1119-1122 Zd Coupling History of Army in Ukraine

2010 Mi:UA1123 Hetman P. Polubotok

2010 Mi:UA1124-1127 (block84) Souvenir sheet 50th Anniversary of The Kiev Metro

2010 Mi:UA1128 Winemaking in Ukraine

2010 Mi:UA1129-1132 (block85) Souvenir sheet National Natural Park Svjatye Gory

2010 Mi:UA1133-1138 (block86) Souvenir sheet Minerals of Ukraine

2010 Mi:UA1139 60th Anniversary of Declaration of Human Rights

2011 Mi:UA1140 50th Anniversary of First Manned Space Flight

2011 Mi:UA1141 Space. Astronaut Georgy Beregovoi

2011 Mi:UA1142 Taras Shevchenko. Painting

2011 Mi:UA1143 7th definitive issue 1-90

2011 Mi:UA1144 7th definitive issue 2-20

2011 Mi:UA1145 7th definitive issue 6-00

2011 Mi:UA1146 7th definitive issue 7-00

2011 Mi:UA1147-1148 Zf Coupling The Leaders of Cossack Revolts with coupons

2011 Mi:UA1149 15th Anniversary of Constitution of Ukraine

2011 Mi:UA1150-1154 (block87) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Farmstead

2011 Mi:UA1155 Zf My Stamp. Arms. V. with coupons

2011 Mi:UA1156-1159 Locomotives SERIES

2011 Mi:UA1160 Centenary of First Flight Dirigible Balloon Kiev

2011 Mi:UA1161 20th Anniversary of Independence

2011 Mi:UA1162 120th Anniversary of Immigration of Ukrainians in Brazil

2011 Mi:UA1163-1164 Zd Coupling Tales. The Snow Qeen

2011 Mi:UA1165 XII National Philatelic Exhibition in Odesa

2011 Mi:UA1166-1171 (block88) Souvenir sheet 90th Anniversary of UNR Stamps

2011 Mi:UA1172 90th Birth Anniversary of Tatyana Markus

2011 Mi:UA1173 70th Anniversary of Tragedy in Baby Yar

2011 Mi:UA1174-1175 Zd Coupling 75th Anniversary of Film-opera Natalka-Poltavka

2011 Mi:UA1176 350th Anniversary of Lvov National University

2011 Mi:UA1177 20th Anniversary of RCC. Sodrugestvo Svyazi

2011 Mi:UA1178 Space. Birth Centenary of Mikhail Yangel

2011 Mi:UA1179 Zf My Stamp. Lubite Ukrainu with coupons

2011 Mi:UA1180-1181 Zf Coupling Millenium of the Sofia Kievskaya with coupons

2011 Mi:UA1182-1186 (block89) Souvenir sheet Amphibians, Toads, Frogs

2011 Mi:UA1187-1192 (block90) Souvenir sheet The Generous Ukraine. Spring

2011 Mi:UA1193-1994 Winemaking SERIES

2011 Mi:UA1195 Struggle with AIDS

2011 Mi:UA1196 20th Anniversary of CIS. SNG

2011 Mi:UA1197-1203 (block91) Souvenir sheet Nature of the Ukraine

2011 Mi:UA1204-1205 Zd Coupling Forests Europa CEPT

2011 Mi:UA1206-1207 Zd Coupling Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Holiday

2011 Mi:UA1208-1211 (block92) Souvenir sheet Water Mills of Ukraine

2012 Mi:UA1212 8th definitive issue 0-20

2012 Mi:UA1213 8th definitive issue 0-40

2012 Mi:UA1214 8th definitive issue 0-70

2012 Mi:UA1215 8th definitive issue 2-50

2012 Mi:UA1216 8th definitive issue 3-00

2012 Mi:UA1217 8th definitive issue 4-80

2012 Mi:UA1218 8th definitive issue 5-00

2012 Mi:UA1219 8th definitive issue 8-00

2012 Mi:UA1220 8th definitive issue 10-00

2012 Mi:UA1221 8th definitive issue 0-05

2012 Mi:UA1222 8th definitive issue 0-30

2012 Mi:UA1223 8th definitive issue 0-50

2012 Mi:UA1224 8th definitive issue 2-00

2012 Mi:UA1225-1228 Zf My Stamp. Ukraine Football Country with coupons

2012 Mi:UA1229-1230 Taras Shevchenko. Painting SERIES

2012 Mi:UA1231-1232 (block93) Souvenir sheet 20th Anniversary of Arms and Flag of the Ukraine

2012 Mi:UA1233 350th Anniversary of Ivano-Frankovsk

2012 Mi:UA1234 (block94) Souvenir sheet Football UEFA 2012. Kubok

2012 Mi:UA1235 Birth Centenary of Mikhail Stelmah

2012 Mi:UA1236-1239 Zd Coupling Football EURO-2012. Host Cities

2012 Mi:UA1240-1243 Zd Coupling Football EURO-2012. Host Stadiums

2012 Mi:UA1244 Slavko&Slavek. Football EURO-2012

2012 Mi:UA1245 EURO-2012 Football Areni

2012 Mi:UA1246 EURO-2012 Football Logotip

2012 Mi:UA1247-1248 (block95) Souvenir sheet Final EURO-2012

2012 Mi:UA1249A-1250A Zd Coupling Center of Europa. CEPT

2012 Mi:UA1249C-1250C Booklet Center of Europa. CEPT

2012 Mi:UA1251-1253 (block96) Souvenir sheet Ukraine Meeting UEFA

2012 Mi:UA1254 8th definitive issue Ge

2012 Mi:UA1255 8th definitive issue L

2012 Mi:UA1256-1258 Carriages SERIES

2012 Mi:UA1259-1262 Zd Coupling Summer Olympic Games London

2012 Mi:UA1263 Philatelic Exhibition in Odessa

2012 Mi:UA1264-12667(block97) Souvenir sheet Stamps of Ukraine

2012 Mi:UA1268 Astronaut Pavel Popovich

2012 Mi:UA1269-1273 (block98) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Farmstead

2012 Mi:UA1275-1276 Zd Coupling Tales. Zaliznonosa Bosorkanya

2012 Mi:UA1277-1280 (block99) Souvenir sheet The Generous Ukraine. Summer

2012 Mi:UA1281 Centenary of Ginzburgs House

2012 Mi:UA1282 1800th Anniversary of Sudak. Crimea

2012 Mi:UA1283 (block100) Souvenir sheet 80th Anniversary of Donetsk Region

2012 Mi:UA1284-1287 (block101) Souvenir sheet Bicentenary of Nikitsky Botanical Garden

2012 Mi:UA1288 My Favourite Ukraine

2012 Mi:UA1289 500th Anniversary of Chigirin

2012 Mi:UA1290 650th Anniversary of Battle on Blue Water

2012 Mi:UA1291-1294 (block102) Souvenir sheet Windmills

2012 Mi:UA1295 Birth Centenary of Andrei Malishko

2012 Mi:UA1296-1302 (block103) Souvenir sheet Seven Miracles of Ukraine

2012 Mi:UA1303-1304 Zd Coupling Christmas and New Year Holiday

2012 Mi:UA1305-1309 (block104) Souvenir sheet Frogs, Toads, Amphibians

2012 Mi:UA1310 Traditional Costumes

2012 Mi:UA1311-1312 Zd Coupling The Film Man with a Motion-picture Camera

2013 Mi:UA1313 8th definitive issue N

2013 Mi:UA1314 (block105) Souvenir sheet 900th Anniversary of the Charter of Vladimir Monomakh

2013 Mi:UA1315 150th Birth Anniversary of Vladimir Vernadsky

2013 Mi:UA1316-1317 Painting of Taras Shevchenko SERIES

2013 Mi:UA1318 Birth Bicentenary of Semen Gulak-Artemovsky singer

2013 Mi:UA1319-1322 Carriages SERIES

2013 Mi:UA1323 International Airport Borispol

2013 Mi:UA1324 Crimea. Gurzuf. Mountain Ayu-Dag

2013 Mi:UA1325 Crimea. Bakhchisarai. Khan's palace

2013 Mi:UA1326-1330 (block106) Souvenir sheet Crimea

2013 Mi:UA1331 With Easter

2013 Mi:UA1332 1150th Anniversary of The Slavic Writing. St.Kiril and Mefody

2013 Mi:UA1333 (block107) Souvenir sheet 100th Anniversaries of the First Russian Olympiad

2013 Mi:UA1334A-1335A Zd Coupling Postman Van Europa CEPT

2013 Mi:UA1334C-1335C Booklet Postman Van Europa CEPT

2013 Mi:UA1336-1337 Zd Coupling Childrens Day

2013 Mi:UA1338 Crimea Sevastopol Vladimirsky Cathedral

2013 Mi:UA1339 (block108) Souvenir sheet 900th Anniversary of Annals of Nestor

2013 Mi:UA1340 (block109) Souvenir sheet 1025th Anniversary of Christening of Russia

2013 Mi:UA1342-1346 (block110) Souvenir sheet Bread to All a Head

2013 Mi:UA1347 Dnepropetrovsk

2013 Mi:UA1348-1351 (block111) Souvenir sheet Dnepropetrovsk Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2013 Mi:UA1352 Painting Voloshynov. Pumpkins

2013 Mi:UA1353 Airplane AN-158

2013 Mi:UA1354 Vinnytsia Water Tower

2013 Mi:UA1355-1358 (block112) Souvenir sheet Vinnitsa Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2013 Mi:UA1359 (block113) Souvenir sheet Millenium of Lyadivsky Monastery

2013 Mi:UA1360 History of National Communication

2013 Mi:UA1361-1364 (block113) Souvenir sheet The Generous Ukraine. Autumn

2013 Mi:UA1365 8th definitive issue G

2013 Mi:UA1366 120th Birth Anniversary of Vera Holodnaya

2013 Mi:UA1367 8th definitive issue E

2013 Mi:UA1368 70th Anniversary of Liberation of Kiev

2013 Mi:UA1369-1372 (block115) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Farmstead

2013 Mi:UA1373 150th Birth Anniversary of Olga Kobylyanskaya

2013 Mi:UA1374 Christmas Holiday

2013 Mi:UA1375 Birth Centenary of Mikola Amosov

2013 Mi:UA1376-1379 (block116) Souvenir sheet Gold Pectoral

2013 Mi:UA1380-1381 Zd Coupling Joint issue Ukraine - Morocco. Ships in Port

2013 Mi:UA1382-1383 Zf Coupling Joint issue Ukraine - Romania. Churches with coupons

2013 Mi:UA1384-1389 (block117) Souvenir sheet Oriental Lunar Calendar 1

2013 Mi:UA1390-1395 (block118) Souvenir sheet Oriental Lunar Calendar 2

2014 Mi:UA1396 Painting Bouquet of Camomiles

2014 Mi:UA1397 Women Biathlon Team of Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1398 80th Birth Anniversary of Leonid Kravchuk

2014 Mi:UA1399-1404 Souvenir sheet Architecture of Vladislav Gorodetsky

2014 Mi:UA1405 Painting Archangel Gavriil

2014 Mi:UA1406 Kirovograd

2014 Mi:UA1407-1410 (block119) Souvenir sheet Kirovograd Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1411 20th Anniversary of Ukrposhta

2014 Mi:UA1412 Women Biathlon Team. Gold Overprint. Gold Relay Race

2014 Mi:UA1413 150th Birth Anniversary of Vasily Lipkovsky

2014 Mi:UA1414 Birth Centenary of Maria Kapnist

2014 Mi:UA1415 UNICEF. Draw your rights

2014 Mi:UA1416 Painting Juan de Zurbaran. Still life with mixer for chocolate

2014 Mi:UA1417 Airplane Iliya Muromets

2014 Mi:UA1418 Musical Instruments. Cossack Mamay. Europa CEPT

2014 Mi:UA1418-1419 Musical Instruments. Cossack Mamay & Kobza. Europa CEPT SERIES

2014 Mi:UA1419 Musical Instruments. Kobza. Europa CEPT

2014 Mi:UA1420-1421 Booklet Musical Instruments. Europa CEPT

2014 Mi:UA1422 Painting Repin. Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks

2014 Mi:UA1423-1426 Cactuses SERIES

2014 Mi:UA1427 Euromaidan Revolution

2014 Mi:UA1428 Odessa. Monument Sailors wife

2014 Mi:UA1429-1432 (block120) Souvenir sheet Odessa Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1433 Nikolaev. Monument to the Shipwrights and Sea Captains

2014 Mi:UA1434-1437 (block121) Souvenir sheet Nikolaev Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1438-1439 Painting of Taras Shevchenko SERIES

2014 Mi:UA1440-1441 (block122) Souvenir sheet Birth Bicentenary of Taras Shevchenko

2014 Mi:UA1442 Painting Grigoriev. Lady in Black

2014 Mi:UA1443-1446 Pigeons SERIES

2014 Mi:UA1447 70th Anniversary of Liberation Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1448 125th Anniversary of the Main Post Office in Chernovtsy

2014 Mi:UA1449-1450 (block123) Souvenir sheet Family of Tereschenko

2014 Mi:UA1451 Happy New Year and Christmas Holiday

2014 Mi:UA1452 Railway Station. Lutsk

2014 Mi:UA1453-1456 (block124) Souvenir sheet Volin region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2014 Mi:UA1457 Ukrainian soldier. For the honor. For the glory. For people

2014 Mi:UA1458-1461 (block125) Souvenir sheet The Generous Ukraine. Winter

2014 Mi:UA1462 Full Sheet 8th definitive issue 2-00

2014 Mi:UA1463-1464 (block126) Souvenir sheet Joint Issue Ukraine-Pakistan

2015 Mi:UA1465 80th Anniversary of the birth of Vasyl Symonenko. Poet

2015 Mi:UA1466 Day of Reunion

2015 Mi:UA1467 Memory of the Heavenly Hundred Heroes

2015 Mi:UA1468 M. Verbitsky. Composer

2015 Mi:UA1469 Sviatoslav Richter. Musician

2015 Mi:UA1470 150th anniversary of the birth of Boris Lutskiy

2015 Mi:UA1471 Eternal memory to the heroes

2015 Mi:UA1472-1475 National minorities Crimean Tatars SERIES

2015 Mi:UA1476 1st European games Baku

2015 Mi:UA1477 Nobel Laureate Ilya Mechnikov

2015 Mi:UA1478 Public transport - Kiev Funicular

2015 Mi:UA1479 Public transport - Kiev Tram

2015 Mi:UA1480A (block127A) Souvenir sheet Vladimir the Great - Grand Prince of Kiev

2015 Mi:UA1481 Metropolitan Archbishop Andrey Sheptytsky

2015 Mi:UA1482 Chernovtsy National University

2015 Mi:UA1483-1486 (block128) Souvenir sheet Chernovtsy region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2015 Mi:UA1487-1488 Old Toys Europa CEPT SERIES

2015 Mi:UA1489-1490 Booklet Old Toys Europa CEPT

2015 Mi:UA1491-1494 Farm Animals Domestic cows SERIES

2015 Mi:UA1495 Ternopil, Monument to Krushelnytska

2015 Mi:UA1496-1499 (block129) Souvenir sheet Ternopil region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2015 Mi:UA1500 8th definitive issue V Dogwood

2015 Mi:UA1501 (block130) Souvenir sheet 400th Anniversary of Kievo-Mogilyanska Academy

2015 Mi:UA1502 (block131) Souvenir sheet 775th Anniversary of Pochaivsky Monastery

2015 Mi:UA1503 Church of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin, Boryspil

2015 Mi:UA1504-1507 (block132) Souvenir sheet Kiev Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2015 Mi:UA1508 The 80th Anniversary of Roerich Pact

2015 Mi:UA1509 300 Years of the Lviv Brewery

2015 Mi:UA1510 Postcrossing Greetings from Ukraine

2015 Mi:UA1511 Anna and Mariya Muzychuk - World Chess Champions

2015 Mi:UA1512 Ukraine Defenders Day

2015 Mi:UA1513 Transport Autobus LAZ 695

2015 Mi:UA1514 Transport Trolleybus Kyiv-4

2015 Mi:UA1515-1517 (block133) Souvenir sheet The Family of Princes Ostrozhsky

2015 Mi:UA1518 8th definitive issue F Euonymus europaeus

2015 Mi:UA1519 Full Sheet 8th definitive issue F Euonymus europaeus

2015 Mi:UA1520-1522 Orchids Flowers SERIES

2015 Mi:UA1523 Christmas and New Year

2015 Mi:UA1525 Church Architecture Ukraine-Poland Joint Issue

2015 Mi:UA1526 The Composer Grigoriy Verevka

2016 Mi:UA1527 Zaporozhie Khortytsia

2016 Mi:UA1528-1531 (block134) Souvenir sheet Zaporozhsky Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2016 Mi:UA1532 Uzhgorod Railway Station

2016 Mi:UA1533-1536 (block135) Souvenir sheet Zakarpatsky Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2016 Mi:UA1537-1538 Ukrainian military equipment SERIES

2016 Mi:UA1539 Eney was a motor guy

2016 Mi:UA1540 Think green Europe

2016 Mi:UA1541 Chernobyl - the tragedy of mankind

2016 Mi:UA1542 Ivan Marchuk Painting Tell me the truth

2016 Mi:UA1543 Mikhail Bulgakov writer

2016 Mi:UA1544 The national football team of Ukraine

2016 Mi:UA1545-1556 Klb Full Sheet Kiev Princesses on thrones of Europe

2016 Mi:UA1558 Ivan Mykolaichuk artist, film maker

2016 Mi:UA1559 Ukrainian warship Hetman Sahaidachnii

2016 Mi:UA1560 Sport - Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro

2016 Mi:UA1561 (block136) Souvenir sheet 775 years of the City Kolomea

2016 Mi:UA1562 Railway station Lugansk

2016 Mi:UA1563-1566 (block137) Souvenir sheet Lugansk region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2016 Mi:UA1567 Medal Liberty Award

2016 Mi:UA1568-1571 National minorities Jews SERIES

2016 Mi:UA1572-1575 Flora Plants Vegetables SERIES

2016 Mi:UA1576 150th birthday of Michaylo Grushevsky

2016 Mi:UA1577 75th anniversary of the Babiy Yar Tragedy

2016 Mi:UA1578 75th birthday of Bogdan Stupka

2016 Mi:UA1579-1581 Transport Cars - Fire vehicles SERIES

2016 Mi:UA1582-1590 Klb Souvenir sheet Transport Sport Motocross riders

2016 Mi:UA1591 Happy New Year - Rooster Fauna

2016 Mi:UA1593-1596 Zd Postage stamp block Bats Fauna

2017 Mi:UA1597-1598 (block138) Souvenir sheet Paleolithic. Cultural epochs of Ukraine

2017 Mi:UA1599 175th Birth Anniversary of Arhip Kuindji

2017 Mi:UA1601 Birth Centenary of Tatiyana Yablonska

2017 Mi:UA1602 Centenary of Revolution

2017 Mi:UA1603 Eurovision winner - singer Jamala

2017 Mi:UA1604 25th Anniversary of USA and Ukraine Diplomatic Relations

2017 Mi:UA1605 (block139) Souvenir sheet 300th Birth Anniversary of Queen Maria Theresa

2017 Mi:UA1606-1607 (block140) Souvenir sheet Joint Issue of Ukraine and Bulgaria. The Black Sea

2017 Mi:UA1608-1611 (block141) Souvenir sheet Tale Nikita Kozhemyaka

2017 Mi:UA1612-1613Zd Coupling Europa 2017. Castles

2017 Mi:UA1614-1615 Booklet Europa 2017. Castles

2017 Mi:UA1616 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms T

2017 Mi:UA1617 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms H

2017 Mi:UA1618 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms V

2017 Mi:UA1619 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms M

2017 Mi:UA1620 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms L

2017 Mi:UA1621 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms F

2017 Mi:UA1622 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms X

2017 Mi:UA1623 85th Anniversary of Donetsk Region

2017 Mi:UA1624 Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann

2017 Mi:UA1625 Birth Bicentenary of Ivan Aivazovsky

2017 Mi:UA1626 (block142) Souvenir sheet Birth Bicentenary of Ivan Aivazovsky

2017 Mi:UA1627-1628 Ukrainian military equipment SERIES

2017 Mi:UA1629-1632 Flora Medicinal Plants. SERIES

2017 Mi:UA1633 Ukrainian Fashion Week

2017 Mi:UA1634 Tarpan train - Poltava Region

2017 Mi:UA1635-1638 (block143) Souvenir sheet Poltava Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2017 Mi:UA1639 Khmelnitsky Region

2017 Mi:UA1640-1643 (block144) Souvenir sheet Khmelnitsky Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2017 Mi:UA1644 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms P

2017 Mi:UA1645 The World Year of Tourism

2017 Mi:UA1646-1649 National minorities Gypsies SERIES

2017 Mi:UA1650 250th Birth Anniversary of Artemyi Vedel

2017 Mi:UA1651 Movie Storozhova Outpost

2017 Mi:UA1652-1657 (block145) Souvenir sheet Cossack Print

2017 Mi:UA1658-1661 Fire Transport - car, ship, plane SERIES

2017 Mi:UA1662 Centenary of Ukrainian Republic

2017 Mi:UA1663 Painting Bogomazov

2017 Mi:UA1664 Christmas

2017 Mi:UA1665 Zhitomir Region. Beryl the Apostle Paul and Peter

2017 Mi:UA1666-1669 (block146) Souvenir sheet Zhitomir Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2017 Mi:UA1670-1673 Ukrainian Cartoons SERIES

2017 Mi:UAKlb.1212XII-1521IV Souvenir sheet Eighth Definitive issue

2018 Mi:UA1674-1677A (block147A) Souvenir sheet State Seals of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1678 Surgeon A.Shalimov

2018 Mi:UA1679 Sport - XXIII Winter Olympic Games

2018 Mi:UA1680 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms D

2018 Mi:UA1681 Ukrainian Cartoons. The Stolen Princess

2018 Mi:UA1681-1682 Ukrainian Cartoons. The Stolen Princess SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1682 Ukrainian Cartoons. The Vinnitsa hamster

2018 Mi:UA1683-1684 (block148) Souvenir sheet Tripoli. Cultural epochs of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1685 Centenary of Ukrainian Sea Flag

2018 Mi:UA1686 140th Birth Anniversary of Kazimir Malevich

2018 Mi:UA1687 Sport - UEFA Champions League Final

2018 Mi:UA1688 Painting Mikhail Vrubel

2018 Mi:UA1689-1690 Bridges Europa CEPT SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1691-1692 Booklet Bridges Europa CEPT

2018 Mi:UA1693-1699 (block149) Souvenir sheet Insects of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1700-1703 Flora - Medical and Melliferous Plants SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1704 Nobel Laureate Zelman Vaksman

2018 Mi:UA1705-1707 (block150) Souvenir sheet Painting Mikhail Vrubel

2018 Mi:UA1708-1710 Painting Love is Life SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1711 Andrei Kuzmenko

2018 Mi:UA1712 Harkov Region

2018 Mi:UA1713-1716 (block151) Souvenir sheet Harkov Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1718-1719 (block152) Souvenir sheet First Stamps of UPR

2018 Mi:UA1720-1721 (block153) Souvenir sheet Trident on Coat of Arms

2018 Mi:UA1722-1723 (block154) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Monetary Unit 100 Grivna

2018 Mi:UA1724 Ukrainian soldier BRAND

2018 Mi:UA1724-1725 Ukrainian soldiers BRAND and LESHI SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1725 Ukrainian soldier LESHI

2018 Mi:UA1726-1728 Inventions of Ukraine SERIES

2018 Mi:UA1729-1739 Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Alphabet

2018 Mi:UA1740 Ukrainian Gastronomy - Chicken Kiev

2018 Mi:UA1741 Birth Centenary of Boris Paton

2018 Mi:UA1742-1747 (block155) Souvenir sheet Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

2018 Mi:UA1748 Sport - PyeongChang Winter Paralympic Games

2018 Mi:UA1749 Chernigov. Catherine's Church

2018 Mi:UA1750-1753 (block156) Souvenir sheet Chernigov Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1754-1757 Ukrainian Embroidery SERIES-2018

2018 Mi:UA1758 New Year - Year of the Pig

2018 Mi:UA1759 Saint Nikolas Day. Holiday

2018 Mi:UA1760 Icon of Holy Mother of Okhtyr

2018 Mi:UA1761-1764 (block157) Souvenir sheet Sumy Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2018 Mi:UA1765-1766 (block158) Souvenir sheet Joint Issue Ukraine-Moldova. Bells

2019 Mi:UA1767 Centenary of Act of Ukrainian Unity

2019 Mi:UA1768 (block159) Souvenir sheet Cimmerians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine

2019 Mi:UA1769-1772Zd Coupling The Love is... (RIGHT)

2019 Mi:UA1773 70th Anniversary of Council of Europe

2019 Mi:UA1774 60th Anniversary of European Court Of Human Rights

2019 Mi:UA1775 130th Birth Anniversary of Actor Alexander Vertinsky

2019 Mi:UA1776-1779 National minorities Greeks SERIES

2019 Mi:UA1780-1782Zd Coupling 140th Birth Anniversary of Fyodor Krichevsky

2019 Mi:UA1783 80th Birth Anniversary of Football star Valeriy Lobanovsky

2019 Mi:UA1784-1794 Klb Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Alphabet

2019 Mi:UA1795 Ukrainian Gastronomy - Kyiv cake

2019 Mi:UA1796-1797 Ukrainian birds stork and nightingale SERIES

2019 Mi:UA1800 Grand Prince of Kyiv Vladimir

2019 Mi:UA1801-1805 (block160) Souvenir sheet Kyiv region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2019 Mi:UA1806-1807 Armed Formations of the Ukrainian Revolution (1917-1921) SERIES

2019 Mi:UA1808 The Glory to Ukraine

2019 Mi:UA1809 Mine Waste. Makeevka

2019 Mi:UA1810-1813 (block161) Souvenir sheet Donetsk Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2019 Mi:UA1814-1815 (block162) Souvenir sheet Centenary of Odessa Film Studio

2019 Mi:UA1816-1820 (block163) Souvenir sheet Mezyn National Nature Reserve

2019 Mi:UA1821 Writer Panteleimon Kulish

2019 Mi:UA1822 Saint Sophie Cathedral. Rome

2019 Mi:UA1823-1826 Ukrainian Embroidery SERIES-2019

2019 Mi:UA1827 The Vyshhorod Mother of God Icon

2019 Mi:UA1829 Prince Yaroslav the Wise

2019 Mi:UA1830 145th Anniversary of Universal Postal Union

2019 Mi:UA1831 Movie Zahar Berkut

2019 Mi:UA1832-1834 (block164) Souvenir sheet The Galagany Famous Families of Ukraine

2019 Mi:UA1835 Coat of arms of Kyiv - Archangel Michael

2019 Mi:UA1836 90th Birth Anniversary of poet Ivan Svetlichnyi

2019 Mi:UA1837-1844 (block165A) Souvenir sheet Fauna - Freshwater Fishes

2019 Mi:UA1837-1844 (block165B) Booklet Fauna - Freshwater Fishes Imperforated

2019 Mi:UA1845-1849 Zd Christmas Holidays

2019 Mi:UA1851-1854 (block166) Souvenir sheet Lviv Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2020 Mi:UA1855 Ludvig van Bethoveen

2020 Mi:UA1857 Bicentenary of The Discovery of Antarctica

2020 Mi:UA1858 75th Anniversary Since the End of World War II

2020 Mi:UA1859 COVID-19 The Frontline. Medic - soldier

2020 Mi:UA1860 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Staryi Merchyk H

2020 Mi:UA1861 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Burshtyn T

2020 Mi:UA1862 Centenary of Ivan Franko National Drama Theatre

2020 Mi:UA1863 Europa CEPT. Ancient Postal Routs

2020 Mi:UA1864 Booklet Europa CEPT. Ancient Postal Routs

2020 Mi:UA1865-1866 Flora Flowers SERIES

2020 Mi:UA1867-1868 150th Birth Anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka SERIES

2020 Mi:UA1869 Sign of the Iron Cross

2020 Mi:UA1870 Kherson ships painting

2020 Mi:UA1871-1874 (block167) Souvenir sheet Kherson region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2020 Mi:UA1875-1878 National minorities German SERIES

2020 Mi:UA1879-1880 (block168) Souvenir sheet Scythians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine

2020 Mi:UA1881-1891 Klb Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Alphabet

2020 Mi:UA1892-1897 (block169) Souvenir sheet Lighthouses of Ukraine

2020 Mi:UA1898 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Krivche D

2020 Mi:UA1899 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Fontanka M

2020 Mi:UA1900 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Zolotonosha V

2020 Mi:UA1901 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Tetyev F

2020 Mi:UA1902-1909 (block170A) Souvenir sheet Fauna - Birds of Prey

2020 Mi:UA1910-1911 Ukrainian military equipment SERIES

2020 Mi:UA1912-1914 Armed Formations of the Ukrainian Revolution (1917-1921) SERIES

2020 Mi:UA1915 130th Birth Anniversary of Kyrylo Osmak

2020 Mi:UA1916 180th Birth Anniversary of Marko Kropyvnytskyi

2020 Mi:UA1917 180th Birth Anniversary of Mykhailo Starytskyi

2020 Mi:UA1918-1920Zd Coupling Knights of the Spirit. Figures of the Ukrainian Human Rights Movemen

2020 Mi:UA1921 Ukrainian Cartoons. Mavka. Forest Song

2020 Mi:UA1922 Viaduct. Vorohta

2020 Mi:UA1923-1926 (block171) Souvenir sheet Ivano-Frankovsk Region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukrain

2020 Mi:UA1927-1928Zd Coupling Jewelry. Joint issue Ukraine - Kyrgyz Republic

2020 Mi:UA1929 New Year. Painting Primachenko - Blue bull

2020 Mi:UA1930 Ukrainian Cartoons. Cossacks

2020 Mi:UA1932-1937 (block172) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian Peoples Clothing. Holidays

2020 Mi:UA1938-1944 (block173) Souvenir sheet Stained Glass Windows of Old Lvov

2021 Mi:UA1945 Order of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred

2021 Mi:UA1946-1947 Painting. Her majesty - Woman

2021 Mi:UA1948-1955 (block174) Souvenir sheet Ukrainian soldiers. Land forces

2021 Mi:UA1956 View Into Future. Chernobyl

2021 Mi:UA1957-1960 Ukrainian Embroidery SERIES-2021

2021 Mi:UA1961-1962 Carpathians. Endangered National Wildlife. EUROPA SERIES

2021 Mi:UA1963-1964 Booklet Carpathians. Endangered National Wildlife. EUROPA

2021 Mi:UA1965 Football EURO 2020

2021 Mi:UA1966-1969 (block175) Souvenir sheet Sevastopol - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2021 Mi:UA1970 (block176) Souvenir sheet 150th Birth Anniversary of Lesya Ukrainka

2021 Mi:UA1971 Sport - Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo

2021 Mi:UA1972 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Bolgrad H

2021 Mi:UA1973 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Koropec M

2021 Mi:UA1974-1975 Ukrainian Gastronomy - Sausage and Pasties

2021 Mi:UA1976-1983 (block177A) Souvenir sheet Fauna - Chicken birds

2021 Mi:UA1984 Nobel Laureate Shmuel Yosef Agnon, Author

2021 Mi:UA1985 Independence Monument, Kyiv, 20th Anniversary

2021 Mi:UA1986 (block178) Souvenir sheet Independence Monument. Kyiv

2021 Mi:UA1987 (block179) Souvenir sheet 400th anniversary of the Battle of Khotyn

2021 Mi:UA1988-1989 (block180) Souvenir sheet 140th Birth Anniversary of the Ivan Myasoedov (Eugen Z

2021 Mi:UA1990-1993 (block181) Souvenir sheet Famous Women - Science Is A She

2021 Mi:UA1994 Ivan Franko Astronomical Observatory, Lviv, 250 Years

2021 Mi:UA1995 Kremenchug Reservoir, Cherkasy Dam

2021 Mi:UA1996-1999 (block182) Souvenir sheet Cherkasy region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2021 Mi:UA2000 Mikolayiv Observatory, 200th Anniversary

2021 Mi:UA2001 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Bakhmut D

2021 Mi:UA2002 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Kremenchuk F

2021 Mi:UA2003-2007(block183) Souvenir sheet House With Chimeras, Wladyslaw Horodecki

2021 Mi:UA2008 Centenary of the Second Winter Campaign

2021 Mi:UA2009 Ukrainian Made Vehicles - Voshod Hydrofoil

2021 Mi:UA2010 Ukrainian Made Vehicles - Zaporozhets Tractor

2021 Mi:UA2011-2013 Armed Formations of the Ukrainian Revolution SERIES

2021 Mi:UA2014 Minesweeper U311 Cherkassy

2021 Mi:UA2016 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Komarno T

2021 Mi:UA2017 Order of Danylo Halitskyi

2021 Mi:UA2018 Christmas

2021 Mi:UA2019 Amber from Amber Museum, Rivne

2021 Mi:UA2020-2023 (block184) Souvenir sheet Rivne region - Beauty & Greatness of Ukraine

2021 Mi:UA2024 Evgen Chikalenko, Journalist

2022 Mi:UA2025 Trident is the Coat of Arms of Ukraine

2022 Mi:UA2026 9th definitive Issue. Coat of Arms Bogoduhiv H

2022 Mi:UA2027 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing Sport

2022 Mi:UA2028 Oleksa Novakivskyi, Artist

2022 Mi:UA2029 Russian Warship Go F*ck Yourself Mark F

2022 Mi:UA2030 Russian Warship Go F*ck Yourself Mark W

2022 Mi:UA2031 Russian Warship DONE Mark F

2022 Mi:UA2032 Russian Warship DONE Mark W

2022 Mi:UA2033 Ukrainian Dream (Children's Art)

2022 Mi:UA2034 Good Evening, We Are From Ukraine Mark M

2022 Mi:UA2035 Good Evening, We Are From Ukraine Mark W

2022 Mi:UA2036 (block185) Souvenir sheet Free, Unbreakable, Invincible

2022 Mi:UA2037-2044 (block186) Souvenir sheet Dog Patron

2022 Mi:UA2045-2046 (block187) Souvenir sheet 300th Birth Anniversary of philosopher G.S.Skovoroda

2022 Mi:UA2047 (block188) Souvenir sheet Sarmatians. Cultural epochs of Ukraine

2022 Mi:UA2048 10th definitive Issue. Easter's Eggs. Lviv region. U

2022 Mi:UA2049 10th definitive Issue. Easter's Eggs. Vinnitsa region. M

2022 Mi:UA2050-2055 Full Sheet Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Defenders Day

2022 Mi:UA2056 The Crimean bridge for an encore

2022 Mi:UA2057-2058 Stories and Myths. God Svarog and Goddess Lada. Europa. SERIES

2022 Mi:UA2059-2064 Full Sheet Weapons of Victory - Bayraktar, Himars, Javelin

2022 Mi:UA2065 Kherson is Ukraine

2022 Mi:UA2066 Victorious New Year

2022 Mi:UA2067 Carol of the Bells (Shchedryk)

2023 Mi:UA2068-2072 Souvenir sheet Warriors of light. Warriors of goodness

2023 Mi:UA2073 FCK PTN Banksy Graffiti

2023 Mi:UA2074-2076 Souvenir sheet We will not forget We will not forgive Bucha. Irpin. Hostome

2023 Mi:UA2077 Eurovision winner Kalush Orchestra

2023 Mi:UA2078 10th definitive Issue. Easter's Eggs. Trostyanets. H

2023 Mi:UA2079 10th definitive Issue. Easter's Eggs. Hutsulshchyna. T

2023 Mi:UA2080-2082 (block189) Souvenir sheet Defense and Security Forces. Offensive Guard

2023 Mi:UA2083-2084 Zd Coupling EUROPA Peace is the highest value of humanity

2023 Mi:UA2085-2089 Souvenir sheet Children of Victory draw the Ukraine of the future