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Stamps of Ukraine

Buy commemorative and definitive Ukrainian stamps

Ukraine's independence began on August 24, 1991, when the Supreme Council of the Ukraine adopted the Act of Independence of Ukraine, which in December 1991 was a confirmation of the people in the national referendum But their own stamps in Ukraine appeared only in 1992.
At this philatelic site can choose and buy almost all stamps of modern Ukraine. For the convenience of philatelists stamps are divided into themes of collecting and data output.

Condition of all stamps - MNH (Mint Never Hinged)
All the stamps are: clean, in excellent condition, with the adhesive layer intact, without fingerprints, smudges, scrapes, bends, fractures, pinholes and other defects.

To order stamps is easy! Looking through the pages of the site to the interests of positions philatelist clicks the "Add to cart". After all postponed need to click "Checkout" and fill in your details for the connection. As quickly as possible, I will contact you by email. Then we agree on a list of purchases and payment method.

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Before shipping all stamps securely packed in thick cardboard.
Shipping postage stamps available in two ways:
-registered letter with individual track number,
-AIR letter (registered AVIA letter) with individual track number.
After sending letter with stamps we tell each customer individual track number of a registered letter.
On this track number, you can track on the Internet all the way passage of a registered letter.